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The Las Vegas SuperMeet Bids Farewell


After an impressive run of 18 years of mingling, networking, and enjoying a few cocktails and parties with industry peers, the Annual Las Vegas SuperMeet has come to an end. The SuperMeet provided the post-production and broadcast community an opportunity to not only learn about latest technology trends, but also to network and share industry news and opportunities in a social setting that is both educational, exciting and fun for all of us who attended the past 18 years of NAB conferences. The SuperMeet was a definite XCHARXto-doXCHARX when in Las Vegas!

from the desk of Daniel Berube:

After much thought, discussion and soul searching, both Michael and I have agreed that we are going to progress on separate paths. It is time for us to bid farewell to the SuperMeets as we have co-produced them together for the last eighteen years. There will not be a SuperMeet at NAB or for the rest of 2019.
It’s been a wonderful and joyful journey and we stand highly proud and grateful to have produced what became a true narrative for our vibrant community of digital creatives in our industry. We simply could not have achieved our SuperMeet milestones without you, and without your generous, congenial support.

We truly express our heartfelt thanks to you, as you were as much a part of SuperMeets as we ever were. Feel good that you helped touch thousands of people’s lives through the years, with both your teaching skills and products you build or represent, and with workflow problems you continue to solve. We are forever humbled to have worked with you. We value you in high esteem as a colleague and as a friend. To paraphrase a wise man, “There are no real endings. This is just where we stop the story.”

We are excited to watch your story continue to evolve, and as you progress to teach us new ideas, make or represent great products and help us solve problems, we will always be here to support you.


We at Broadcast Beat Magazine, wish all the best to our friends who have made all of the SuperMeets a memorable and enjoyable experience! We look forward to one day, experiencing the sequel to this story!

About The Creative Pro User Group

Creative Pro User Group (CPUG) Network SuperMeets are networking gatherings of Final Cut, Adobe, Avid და Autodesk editors, gurus and digital filmmakers from throughout the world who use or want to learn to use Macintosh-based collaborative workflows and solutions. SuperMeets started as a grassroots movement to connect Apple FCP editors at a local level. Now in its eighteenth year, the SuperMeets have harnessed the energy of local chapters globally and has turned into the industry’s most influential user-organized series of global events.

SuperMeets უზრუნველყოფს პოსტწარმოებას და სამაუწყებლო საზოგადოებას შესაძლებლობა არა მარტო გაეცნონ უახლეს ტექნიკურ ტენდენციებს, არამედ ქსელში და წილი ინდუსტრიის სიახლეებსა და შესაძლებლობებს სოციალურ გარემოში, რომელიც არის საგანმანათლებლო, საინტერესო და სახალისო!

The SuperMeet agenda usually includes user driven demos of new products, digital video tips and tricks, and კინორეჟისორი show and tells, including a SuperMeet Digital Showcase with vendors and small developers providing workflow solutions for digital filmmakers and content creators.

სამაუწყებლო სცენა არის ოფიციალური მაუწყებელი 2019 NAB შოუ ლას-ვეგასში და პროდიუსერი NAB შოუ ცოცხალი. In 2018, NAB შოუ LIVE- მა მიიღო 1.3 მილიონ ონლაინ მაყურებლებზე და 2018- ზე NAB შოუ, ჩვენ სავარაუდოდ გადააჭარბებთ 1.5 მილიონ მაყურებელს.

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